O u r S t o r y

Our family passion for producing fine wines.

“Winemaking has been a passion that has fueled our dreams and enriched our lives. Even our children have become involved, whether by pitching in during harvest and crush or by helping pack “dad’s” bags as I head off to New Zealand and Argentina several times a year.” nicksig

Making wine has been our passion - fueling our dreams and enriching our lives.

Yolyn and I are both originally from New Zealand, have spent time living and working in Australia and South America, and now call Sonoma County our home. Our five grown children have been involved in Goldschmidt Vineyards, whether pitching in during harvest or helping out in the cellar with the winemaking. When the girls were much younger, I came up with the idea of including their silhouettes on the label, and each girl would color the label to reflect her personality and style. Having our girls join us on our winemaking adventures has meant so much to me as a parent. Each of our children is finding their path, but they each have a bit of winemaking genetics shining through as well.