Fog knows no boundaries. Fog moves in at a slow pace, covers a landscape, and brings with it silence and mystery. You cannot see through or into fog. Like a cat, fog is always looking, taking everything in. Everything that has a shape: mountains, buildings, fences, people, all get obscured by fog. But fog does not continue endlessly, and where it stops, the world is clear and bright to us again. Fog makes many appearances around the rolling hills and gentle slopes of the Russian River Valley. This area known for its foggy nights and misty mornings has the ideal climate and soil for growing premium Chardonnay.  Just as fog knows no boundaries, the range of Chardonnay styles is almost as limitless.

2016 Chardonnay
Russian River Valley

Tasting Note: Light straw color; beautifully perfumed with honey, apricot, nectarine, and toasty oak aromas. Bright and crisp, full-bodied, and zesty! The Mandarin Orange and pineapple flavors weave seamlessly around the core of citrus and passionfruit. Medium-bodied and soft palate texture. Finishes with a mineral note of wet-stones.


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